Why United Should Bid For Luis Suarez

No one quite remembers when and where this story slipped out from, but it got a few football fans a shock or a long laugh. Luis Suarez is certainly a quality player and should be in the radar of any top European club. Last season, the Liverpool striker was the highest goal scorer in the Premier League and joint European Golden Boot winner with Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. He has been prolific on the field and has certainly done himself a lot of good by staying away from controversies which hallmarked his career in the premier league prior to the just concluded premier league season.
It should be no surprise to any football commentator that United is being linked to the Uruguayan striker; from last summer, which European star player hasn’t been linked to United anyway! With reports that Louis Van Gaal, United’s new manager has been handed up to £200 million war chest, every football agent in Europe is probably trying to get his player a chunk of that cash and United are in particularly bad shape now; so much so that they would probably need to buy a whole team.
Speaking seriously though, United is a great club, only dropping from the first place as the richest club in the world last season. The other two top teams in Europe: Barcelona and Real Madrid always have an eye for the best and they always seem to have their way because that’s what it takes to best the best and stay on top. Manchester United should not be different.
United is currently well endowed in attacking options with top qualities like Van Persie, Rooney, Mata, Hernandez and Welbeck. The club’s real needs are midfielders and defenders. But a player like Suarez should be in the best club in England. United must begin to aim for the big ones. Bidding for Suarez this summer will certainly show intent to take on the big stage for United.
The possibility of Manchester United signing Suarez is almost a zero, I don’t think there is anything bad in trying, nonetheless, it would unsettle Liverpool a bit and make the world see United as a giant waking up to assert its status. On paper, Suarez is very unlikely to think about the offer even if United table a £300,000 a week wage before him but no one thought he could consider joining Arsenal last season. He has said he would love to stay at Anfield to play in the Champions League next season and the opportunity has finally come to him; he’s very unlikely to throw that away to join United who in any case won’t be in the Champions League next season but I insist, making an attempt won’t be bad especially if Real Madrid are not keen on him. No one thought Messi will consider joining Manchester City years ago but according to reports, he could have joined them if Barca had agreed to sell him. Who could have thought Monaco will sign Falcao?
United fans should welcome their club’s £75 million bid for Suarez. United could even go further and start a bidding war with Real Madrid who we sure will come Suarez after the world cup.

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